Our Company

We are a Colorado-based Aerospace Engineering and Precision Manufacturing Company, specializing and servicing the Aerospace, Aeronautics, Defense, Medical, Energy and Semiconductor Industries.

SAS Manufacturing, formerly C&C Manufacturing, incorporated in 1965. From the beginning, C&C has provided customers with decades of high level of service. With 50 years of manufacturing experience and over a decade of aerospace industry experience from SAS we decided to unite our strength. In 2015 SAS acquired C&C Manufacturing to form SAS Manufacturing. Since then, our companies have continued to advance our engineering capabilities, product development, and diversification. SAS and SAS Manufacturing support our customers growing demand across all industry segments. Our team members average over 25 years of experience in aerospace engineering and precision manufacturing. We pride ourselves on a dedicated staff of experts to support client requests rapidly and accurately.

We provide a unique combination of services focused on design, additive manufacturing and precision machining. We service the Aviation, Aerospace and Defense markets along with the traditional ferrous and non ferrous metal and plastic forming industries. We understand that these industries are transforming - demanding new manufacturing skills and new equipment.

SAS Manufacturing works effectively and efficiently in solving your problem and helping your business to achieve your goal. We are capable of meeting customer demands with the extensive inventory and dedicated work of our machinists and engineers.

Today’s competitive manufacturing environment, where the demands are constantly changing; the quality, cost effectiveness, and efficiency are critical to the success of your company. You need a partner that can efficiently and rapidly deliver the best solution for your business - from prototyping to production using C.N.C. techniques.
Our highly trained team has broad-based experience in the areas mentioned above, including:

SAS Machinery

  • Prototype
  • 3D Printing
  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Lathe
  • Conventional machining
  • Assembly

SAS and its heritage Team bring a tactical approach to client satisfaction through experience and innovation. The ability to understand the hardware requests, constraints and optimization is critical to timely response and quality parts. Our team knows quality and has the background to ensure compliance, accuracy and schedules.